Interior design trend 20th century: wicker wall decor is the way forward

As far as interior design looks for 20th century go, a natural aesthetic has been the clear winner on both Instagram and Pinterest. Take this year’s most popular trend to the next level with the styling detail of the moment; wicker wall decor.      

From wood homeware to rattan furniture, the summer of 20th century is all about beachy, natural vibes for the home. And, there are some interior design must-dos that will help you nail this look.

Purchasing a macrame wall hanging, for example, or getting a wicker storage basket for your living room are both failsafe ways to give your place an on-trend update. Going big on plants is of course, also essential.

Seagrass Wall Decor
Seagrass Wall Decor


If you consider yourself ahead of the interiors curve, though, we think you’ll like this decor trend which is inspired by picture walls, the popular style of arranging art prints of different sizes in a collage on the wall.

We’re seeing a surge in wicker, rattan and woven decorations arranged in a picture wall-type fashion on some of our favourite image sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.


You know what they say, more is more. We love this hell-for-leather, overcrowded vibe which involves building up a big collection of woven plates and mats and then organising them into an impressive wall installation.

Note the different textures, sizes, patterns and colours used in this example. The variety in the pieces used is what makes this look so appealing, so think about that if you want to recreate it for yourself.

We don’t know about you, but we dream of the day we have our own book nook. When that day eventually comes we’ll be using both furniture, soft furnishings and wall decor to create a space that feels well put together like this one.

Mix and match our Wicker Wall Hanging Plates for an eclectic look.  Handcrafted by talented women artisans from the traditional village in the North of Vietnam. This stunning woven baskets wall art set showcases a distinctive design that’s perfect for any living room. The woven basket features an intricate colorful design at the center, bringing a rustic, bohemian-inspired aesthetic to your home.

This simple aesthetic is easy to recreate at home. Keep walls a light, neutral colour, opt for off white bedding and buy the same wicker placemats in a pale shade, only switching up their sizes.

By choosing the right wall decor piece can make big difference for room decor and make any room feel like home.  Combine with other decorative objects like our baskets and hang them all together or mix and match with your favorite photos.
Whether you are decorating bedroom or living room, adding rich texture and muted natural tones give laid-back atmosphere.

This creates a calming feel which is pleasing to the eye and the mind. We can imagine flopping into that bed and feeling instantly peaceful.

This hand-made woven bowl would add a pop of colour and some depth to a wall installation.

We recommend mixing it with other woven bowls and place mats in a range of hues and shapes.