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Coconut bowl – The sophistication and creativity of the Vietnamese

Natural products of coconut bowls for kitchen utensils are very popular today, handmade production processes from environmentally friendly natural coconut shell materials, and consumers using coconut bowls have been contributing to protect personal health, protect the environment and join hands for a civilized and developed community.

Enhance your holiday table settings with charger plates

If you are looking for holiday table settings for your holiday dinner, consider browsing through rattan charger plates, or another material, for the occasion. Once you learn more about this decorative base, you may want to add one to your table settings. Let’s Viettime Craft find out about this magical piece of table decorations.

Banneton bread proofing baskets: How to use and care!!!

Baking with bannetons gives your dough a particular shape during proofing. Bannetons made from cane with spiral or line patterns accordingly leave beautiful rustic spiral and line shape as a print on the crust. Besides, bannetons help to slightly reduce the moisture of the dough, which creates a dry skin on the dough and so […]